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Asus Android/Windows 8 tablet coming soon?

The official Asus Facebook page has become a steady flow of hints and teasers for the upcoming Computex event, set to take place in Taipei next week. We’ve already had a chance to sample the fruits of both CES and MWC, which brought us devices including the new Transformer TF300 series tablets and the latest iteration of the adaptable Padfone.

The most recent additions to the page are two new teaser videos, the first showing water droplets forming together and splitting apart, Terminator 2-style, whilst the second shows the duality of ‘Tai’ and ‘Chi’ on a spinning board. Here’s the first video:

As you can see, the last few seconds feature the faint image of both an Android and a Windows 8 logo, each suspended in its own droplet of water before fading. Now for the second:

The aforementioned duality, paired with the logo water droplet moment heavily elude to what many suspect will be a dual-boot device, most probably a new addition to Asus’ Transformer family. If we’re right, this will be the first time the company have brought dual boot to the Transformer line and will be the first tablet advertised by the company able to run Windows 8. We’ll have to wait and see, but next week is shaping up to be an exciting one if Asus has anything to say about it.

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