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Asus Google Tablet to get May announcement?

We heard towards the end of last year that a Google Nexus tablet is on its way, we also found out recently that it could well be made by Asus, it’s now come to light that we can look forward to an announcement as early as May. According to the latest from Digitimes, an insider has confirmed the rumours that Asus will release a co-branded tablet together, it will be 7-inches, get an announcement in May and will cost in the region of US$199-249.

Initial thoughts were that the Google tablet, suggested to be the first true Nexus tablet would be released in-cooperation with Motorola given Google’s recent acquisition. That said, with Asus looking to have pipped Motorola to the post after releasing some fantastic hardware in 2011, they will likely be releasing a variant of their own MeMo tablet announced at CES in partnership with the big G.

Unlike their own MeMo tablet however, the Google Asus joint venture can be expected to carry stock Ice Cream Sandwich on board along with a likely reduction in storage to keep costs down, a la Kindle. While initially suggested to arrive at Google I/O in June, Digitimes’ source suggests this budget 7-incher which is expected to house an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor will in fact be landing a month earlier.

We love the idea of a powerful affordable memory-poor tablet that can just be boosted with a microSD card. That it will have the latest version of Android possible, will be pocketable and may well sport Asus’s fantastic hardware excites us no end. With any luck, more information will come to light soon and the earlier announcement will prove to be true.


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