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Asus Padfone: Hands-on pictures

Here it is, the Asus Padfone in the flesh. We fell in love with the concept ever since we first heard about it a year or so ago and can’t quite believe that Asus has actually made it.

In the ensuing scrum around the Asus demo stands we snapped away making sure to get up close and personal with those connections. We also had a good look at the back of the Asus Padfone phone/handset portion. Did we mention that it has the same spun metal effect finish as that of the Transformer Prime?

Then there’s the stylus as well, which Asus is calling the Stylus Headset, appropriately enough. It’s got a squiggly rubbery tip and two buttons on the side, so it’s a toss up between the HTC Flyer’s Magic Pen stylus and the good old Wacom Bamboo. Sadly we couldn’t really get to play with the¬†calling function of the stylus. Our secret agent fantasies will have to wait until April before they can be played out.

Getting up close and personal with the keyboard dock reveals that it’s basically the same one that you get with the Transformer Prime. The connections, full USB, full-sized SD card slot and the proprietary 40-pin connection are all the same.

Check the attached spec list at the end here for a full low down of the ins and outs of the Asus Padfone, coming to market sometime in April this year. We can’t wait!


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