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Asus’s future product lineup includes the PadFone mini and MemoFone HD 5

Asus is no stranger to trying out new and unusual products – you need only look at the Padfone series, for instance. It looks like the company is going to continue experimenting, with investor slides on the manufacturer’s website indicating that a slew of new products are in the works.

The slide suggests that Asus is working on several new smartphones and tablets, including the Padfone mini, the Fonepad Note FHD 6 – ‘FHD’ presumably meaning ‘Full HD’/1080p – and the MemoFone HD 5. There aren’t any details as to what the products could feature, but it’s not hard to see what Asus might go for based off the naming. The MemoFone HD 5, for example, could be Asus’s take on the Galaxy Note.

Otherwise, we don’t know when these products might arrive, or what they’ll cost. But if the company is happy to reveal the naming to investors, it’s safe to say that we’ll be hearing more about the new devices sooner rather than later.

Spotted at Engadget


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