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Asus teases new Transformers

Asus treated us to a veritable feast of new tech at the start of the year with three new major product reveals across CES and MWC in January and February. But now a new tablet has appeared in a new teaser video.

The 300 and 700 series paved the way for new members to the company’s dockable tablet lineup, whilst the PadFone demonstrated the culmination of Asus’ pursuit for the perfect adaptable mobile device. It seems as if all of that was just the beginning however, as earlier today the company released a teaser video pointing to some “incredible next transformations” which we can expect to materialise at Computex in Taipei which takes place in the first half of June.

The trailer doesn’t divulge any juicy tidbits, although the pluralisation of ‘transformations’ can be considered a reference to multiple transformer products. Perhaps an extension to the PadFone family or an even larger selection of Transformer tablets.

We’ve already spent time with some key players in the Asus Transformer portfolio in the form of the Transformer Prime and the Pad TF300, which both impressed us with their capable internals and flexibility, so it’s safe to say, we’re as intrigued as you are with regards to what Computex holds.


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