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Asus Transformer has US release date confirmed

Having had the pre-order page for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime live for a day now, Amazon have kept the release date for both the US and the UK Transformer Prime close to their chest. While we’re still to find out when we’ll be getting it in Blighty, it turns out a tipster has let phoneArena know that those lucky, lucky Stateside readers will be getting this slinky quad-core slab before Christmas – December 16th to be precise.

While we’re happy for you wonderful US readers, we really are, we’re looking forward to bagging one ourselves here in the UK, so if there are any tipsters who fancy sharing the release with us – please, get in touch. We’ll reimburse you with baked goods and gratitude. In the meantime, here’s phoneArena’s screencap highlighting just how they became privy to such juicy news.

Source: phoneArena


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