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Asus Transformer Prime getting ICS (Android 4.0) from January 12th

Asus’ US Twitter feed has just tailed off our evening of news posting very nicely with confirmation that Ice Cream Sandwich will be making its way onto the Asus EeePad Transformer Prime as of the 12th January this year – yes, just 9 days away, potentially making it the second device to get Android 4.0 and the first to get it over the air.

This means that Asus are absolutely sticking to their word and rolling out the update for the tablet-top exceptionally soon after launch. The update won’t only add some great functionality to the tab, but also better utilise the sheer power under the hood, making it look and feel more like the teaser video posted towards the end of November 2011.

While Asus haven’t reconsidered their decision to lock-down the Transformer Prime bootloader, citing rental copyright protection and stability as a primary reason, this latest news should lend to brighten up consumers view of the Taiwanese manufacturer. With the Asus Transformer still getting updates, keeping their equipment up to speed is a clear priority and bodes well for prospective customers.

Lets hope that we see similar haste in ICS reaching our shores. With the Prime due to be released here in the coming weeks and officially being the most pre-ordered Honeycomb tablet, we have no doubt there are a lot of eager Brits who can’t wait to get their mitts on Android 4.0.