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Asus Transformer Prime shipping with locked bootloader

It looks like HTC and Motorola aren’t the only OEMs to have locked the bootloaders on their devices – now you can add Asus to that list too.

The Asus Transformer Prime began shipping out across America right before Christmas, and those who have gotten their hands on one have discovered a nasty surprise. According to users on XDA Developers, the bootloader is encrypted, hindering any attempt to flash custom ROMs.

HTC used to lock down the bootloader on their shipping devices, then reversed the policy due to customer demand and offered an online unlock tool. Will the same be true for Asus? Upset users have already taken to Asus’ US Facebook page to voice their frustrations. Only time will tell if Asus will rectify the situation.

The Transformer Prime is expected to be released here in the UK sometime this month, so we’ll know soon enough if the UK model also has a locked bootloader.

Source: The Next Web, XDA Developers