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Asus Transformer Prime software update adds Face Unlock

UPDATD Asus has been pulling a lot of attention its way in recent months, with a positive impact at CES, MWC and just last week, Computex in Taipei. The Taiwanese electronics manufacturer has been toying with form factor throughout its mobile device portfolio, originally with the Transformer series and most notably with the Asus Padfone. It is the Transformer Prime, which was the company’s first quad-core toting Android tablet, that receives an OS update today.

As mentioned on the company’s Facebook page, Asus UK is bringing an OS update OTA, bringing Transformer Primes up to ICS build Aside from a myriad of tweaks and optimisations intended to improve features such as battery life, the update also adds Face Unlock to the Prime’s lockscreen alongside a new System Bar Unlock feature.

ICS Prime

The Asus Transformer Prime sports NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chipset (the same chipset that eventually made it to the HTC One X) and feature the same folding dock system as its predecessor the Tegra 2-running Transformer TF101.

Since the launch of the Transformer Prime, Asus expanded the line with the introduction of the more affordable 300 Series and with the 700 Series; a similarly specced version of the original Prime with a higher resolution screen.

Have you got an Asus Transformer Prime and is the update available yet? Let us know below or via Facebook and Twitter.

UPDATED: Asus has now released release notes for the update.:

  1. GPS  dongle fix & local notification
  2. Ethernet UI support to set Ethernet connect policy when screen off
  3. Add system bar lock settings for showing/hiding system info
  4. Enable face unlock feature
  5. Support Bluetooth HDP
  6. Third party app upgrade
  7. Other bug fix


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