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Asus Transformer Prime video shows off origami-style folding Sleeve

Oh how we were tempted to lead with an ‘Optimus Prime’ joke here. Asus has posted a video to Facebook, showing off the origami-tastic Transformer Prime Sleeve accessory that has a nice trick up it’s proverbial.

Designed to clip in to the tablet portion of the Eee Pad Transformer Prime, the so-called Sleeve features several fold lines that allows it to be propped up for different typing and viewing angles.

It’s a nice take on what Apple has done with the iPad 2’s SmartCovers, but the locking ports look a little more secure than magnets to us. The downside is that it can obscure the main connection when you’ve got it stood up. So you can’t have the Sleeve docked at the same time as the charger.

Compared to the way in which you simply roll up the SmartCover, the Sleeve looks like a bit of a faff. Then again, we don’t mind that – we’re Android fans, we don’t mind something if it’s more complex.

It’s just a shame that we can’t turn it into a beautiful paper crane. Or a goose.

No idea how much these beauties are, or if they’ll be readily available in the UK once the Transformer Prime launches.

Source: Facebook via SlashGear