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Asus: UK-bound Eee Pad Transformer Primes free from the dreaded Wi-Fi bug

Those of you who put the notes down for a Transformer Prime pre-order will have no doubt heard of (or experienced first-hand) the delays and stock problems.

A silver lining to these grey clouds is news that UK-bound models of the Prime aren’t affected by the Wi-Fi issue that’s plagued earlier models.

The noted GPS issue however is still present, but in a blog post Asus has advised customer to either return units that they’re not happy with, or take a complimentary extension on the warranty. From what some of you have told us in the comments here, the lack of GPS on the Transfomer Prime isn’t a dealbreaker. So this is something of an added bonus if you weren’t fussed in the first place.

The same post also acknowledges that the slimmed-down Transformer 700 tablet is “unlikely to be available in the UK before June at the earliest.” So if you were looking to snap this one up, looks like you’ve got a while to wait.

When we spoke to Asus earlier today we were told that new stock of the Transformer Prime is incoming, to clear out a handful of remaining orders. Another, larger shipment is set to follow; nothing in terms of dates or even rough ETAs – we’d suggest keeping ‘em peeled over at the Asus UK blog and the Facebook page for updates.

Source: Asus Blog, Asus UK Facebook


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