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Atomic Floyd SuperDarts +Remote for iPhone: hands-on

After having featured Atomic Floyd’s SuperDarts +Remote in our iPhone 4S and 4 stocking fillers feature last week, we’ve gotten some down time with the premium headphones, taking a look inside the box and putting them through their paces.

Put simply these are the best iPhone-specific headphones we’ve used in terms of durability, sound quality and insulation. The cables are kevlar-coated, providing exceptional wear and tear, so these aren’t likely to break after a few months of being carted around in your bag. The material also fends off getting tangled incredibly well when compared to the standard rubber coating on most headphones.

The bass and treble response of these headphones is simply excellent; the high and low end of songs is perfectly balanced with the expanding rubber cones ensuring that there’s next to no sound leakage.

The +Remote component of the SuperDarts also works a treat for all you iPhone users who want to flit between base tunes and chit chat at the press of a button. With play / pause and volume control located on the remote as well as an in-call microphone, coupling a solid metal casing and great click feedback when pressing the buttons, everything comes together to deliver a truly premium product.

Such quality comes at a price though; at £199 directly from Atomic Floyd (24 hour shipping included) these would make for one very special Christmas present for a loved one, or indeed yourself.

Taking a look inside the Atomic Floyd SuperDarts +Remote box

The box like the headphones themselves marries an attractive red and black styling.

Three pairs of buds are included with the Atomic Floyd SuperDarts

The steel acoustic chamber has a meshed lattice patterning adding fantastic grip to the SuperDarts not to mention a premium, cold to the touch feel when handled

The premium metal theme continues from the chamber through to the headphone plug, with the same meshed steel at the base and gold plating along the insertion.