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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 to receive Android ICS update

The Samsung Galaxy S3 may be all the rage in 2012, but Samsung’s previous Android flagship is still a wholly relevant device. AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S2 is about to make the step up to ICS just in time for its younger sibling’s arrival on American soil.

For those not in the US, Samsung has produced carrier specific variants of its leading Android smartphones, partly as a means of carrier brand differentiation and partly due to the variation in mobile network technologies used by the likes of Sprint and Verizon. T-Mobile has already pushed an Ice Cream Sandwich update to Galaxy S2 users and AT&T – the largest US carrier – can now join in the fun. According to Engadget Mobile, the only major US carrier yet to make its ICS update available is Sprint, with Epic 4G Touch users now no doubt wondering why they’re still left out in the cold.

Interesting the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have the same name across all US networks.



Here in the UK, S2 owners have already been able to benefit from Samsung’s implementation of Google’s latest mobile OS. However despite a successful roll out amongst all major carriers and unlocked devices, users have started to send back reports of serious defects and issues within some of the releases of S2-styled ICS. Unfortunately, no major fixes are being released on mass and users have had to tackle with Samsung on a case by case basis concerning the matter.

Such issues may not appear in the US variants, as the firmware differs significantly from carrier to carrier, but if you do pick up anything, let us know in the comments or via Twitter.


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