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Attack of the killer potatoes: Spud-based action for Android

Similar to The Moron Test, Action Potato is another game that made its debut on the iPhone but one you should definitely check out as it’s free and a lot of fun.

In Action Potato you have to catch a stream of flying potatoes by clicking on one of the three pots to make them jump up in the air with their lids open.

Getting spuds into the right-most pot nets you the most points and catching a chain without letting any past sees you racking up combos.

However as the game progresses it starts throwing some rotten potatoes into the mix. If you accidentally catch one then you will lose a pot; losing all three pots spells game over. Luckily you can revive a deceased pot by catching a heart in another.

The graphics are very simple but not without a certain charm. The pots’ beady Pikachu eyes and rosy cheeks give the game an anime-esque feel that’s hard not to warm to.

Action Potato for Android is free to download from the Market and is available for all devices running 1.5 or higher.


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