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Auto-Tune your Christmas messages with Starmaker iPhone app

Auto-Tune? It’s a bit old hat, isn’t it? At least, we had plenty of fun with the I Am T-Pain app last year, but we’ve moved on from assaulting friends with our electro-voiced vocal charms.

Auto-Tune Christmas by Starmaker is hoping to bring back that enthusiasm. It lets you record new versions of classic Chrimbo songs, while applying properly-licensed Auto-Tune technology from Antares to your voice. Less I Am T-Pain, and more I Am Santa. With a robot in my throat.

Six free songs are included, and you can pay a one-off payment of 59p to unlock lots more. Your recordings can be sent via email or Facebook to friends, and the app also includes a ‘personalised eCards’ option. Because what your friends want for Christmas is you coming over all Kanye on a Jingle Bells cover…

Anyway, it looks fun, and worth a look if you’re in an Auto-Tune frame of mind. As everyone must be sooner or later.


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