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AVG app ends online ad tracking

AVG Privacy Fix has been updated with a new Do Not Track that will stop bricks and mortar stores spamming you with ads.

Tiring of the tracking you endure from online advertisers? Looking for an escape from the all-seeing ad-eye? AVG might just have the answer with its DNT PrivacyFix free app update.

Slip the trade tail with AVG's new Do Not Track update

We’ve all accepted that splashing our lives around online gives advertisers access to our browsing habits, helping them better target the tedious ads they then hit us with, but now every time you walk into a Wi-Fi zone your privacy is being bought and sold like a tacky trinket on Bargain Hunt, and the awful reality is that location-targeted advertising is, literally, just around the corner.

Fortunately, AVG foresaw this miserable future and has produced a form of cloaking device in the shape of the DNT (Do Not Track) update to its snooper-stopping PrivacyFix app, automatically blocking Androids from transmitting their unique MAC address at all, thereby stopping unscrupulous retailers and advertisers from following you about over Wi-Fi networks, secretly profiling your movements and moving in for the sudden, savage sell.

“Until retailers adopt ‘meaningful standards’ of transparency, or offer consumers more clear choices to opt-out of such tracking, consumers are better off shutting out this kind of tracking,” said Jim Brock, Vice President of privacy products at AVG. “Because MAC addresses also are routinely collected in apps, your location history can potentially be matched with other information about you, including your identity,” he added, sinisterly.

Available free for Android owners, Apple users will just have to abide the ads; but as the smartphone-stereotype states iPhone owners have more money, they can afford to buy any tat thrust at them anyway.


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