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Avoid hitting lamp posts with Type and Walk for Android

This is one of the most ridiculous-yet-genius apps we’ve seen on the Android Market. Type and Walk combines your Android phone’s camera and text input in an way that will allow you to avoid walking into lamposts, hanging baskets and other pedestrians as you walk down the street texting away. Yes, we’ve seen something similar on the iPhone before, but now Android users can remove the need ever to look up from their phones as well.

When you fire up the app, your input method will appear as normal (ThickButtons, Smart Keyboard, Swype, whatever you’ve got) and the white text field will instead be replaced with a camera viewfinder. The text appears on the screen in white and it can be toggled to black if its a particularly bright day.

You can use Type and Walk to compose text messages, emails, Facebook status updates and tweets. Once you’re done texting, simply tap Send to be taken to a list of communications options. This in itself is probably more interesting and useful than the apps’ primary function.

Type and Walk will set you back €1.49 (about £1.25) for the privilege. Alternatively you could stop for a couple of seconds, text back and carry on walking.


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