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Aweditorium iPad app helps you discover new music

With tens of millions of songs now available digitally, the question is how to find the good stuff – especially when it’s new music.

Apps have the potential to help, alongside all the other discovery methods like blogs, radio, YouTube and recommendation services. We’re particularly enthusiastic about an iPad app that was just released today: Aweditorium.

It’s the work of existing music startup thesixtyone, according to its App Store listing. The idea: you start with a huge grid of thumbnails, each of which corresponds to a song and artist.

Tap on one, and you zoom in to hear the track, with little pop-ups telling you more about the artist. You can mark it as liked, share it on Facebook or Twitter, and bring up YouTube videos and other songs by the band. Meanwhile, swiping up, down, left or right skips to another adjacent song in the grid.

It’s a great idea, although the app wasn’t quite working correctly when we played with it this morning – the songs played fine and the interface worked, but we were just getting a black screen rather than the full-screen images you’re promised.

Even so, assuming that’s a launch gremlin (or something to do with us running the Gold Master version of iOS 4.2, which is possible), this is well worth getting hold of if you’re an iPad-owning music fan.


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