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Awesome retro Japanese robots iPad app makes its App Store debut

There are many uses for an iPad, but gosh darn it, feasting your eyes on a collection of crazy vintage Japanese robots is one of the better ones.

Meet Yesterday of Toys: SF&Robots Version. It’s an iPad book-app based on a 1988 book about the collection of Teruhisa Kitahara.

“He is internationally known as the top ladder of Tinplate Toy collector,” explains the App Store blurb – its quirky turn of translated-phrase is another reason to love the app.

“He touched on culture of people in Europe which take good care of objects and beginning make a collection of old clock, antique and posters etc. After that he meet Tinplate Toy in his friend house, and he was interested in it, fall into collecting them, and become known among mass communication too.”

What you get is a lush collection of antique robots and sci-fi toys, with the ability to tap for descriptions and videos of them in motion. At just £1.79, it’s a steal. There are also Celluloid and Variety versions focusing on other kinds of toys, but let’s be honest: it’s all about the robots.


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