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Backbreaker: American Football action for iPhone and Android

Fans of armour-plated egg chasing (aka American Football) already have Field Goal Flick Kick on iPhone and Android phones to simulate field goals like the one Ray Finkle missed back in ‘83. For star quarterbacks and true heroes of American Football like Dan Marino, there’s Backbreaker.

Backbreaker is a fast and furious American Football arcade game for iPhone and Android devices based on the Xbox 360 and PS3 game of the same name.

The object of the game is to score touchdowns by running past waves of defending players. You control the direction of your quarterback by tilting the phone left and right to turn and dodge, turn and sprint out of the way at the last second by using the on screen controls.

After you’ve cleared the last line of defence you can rack up bonus points by showboating into the end zone by holding down the star button on the far left of the screen; be careful not to get taken out when showing off though.

There are two game modes, Challenge and Endurance. In Challenge there are set paths and scoring zones which you have to pass through to rack up the points. Endurance is a simpler arcade action affair where you just charge through wave after wave of defenders.

Backbreaker’s graphics and animation is really impressive and the gameplay is super straightforwards. It can get a bit repetitive after a long bouts of playing but its perfect for a quick blast. That and there is something satisfying about cheekily juking past the last defender before skipping into the endzone for a big touchdown.

Backbreaker is out now for iPhone and iPad (59p) and Android devices running Android 2.0 or higher (£1.90).


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