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Backbreaker Football returns to iPhone… with a vengeance

You didn’t have to know anything about American Football to love Backbreaker Football on iPhone earlier this year: it focused purely on legging it down the field spinning and sidestepping past opponents, then taunting them with a spot of showboating as you danced into the endzone.

It was ace. And now it’s got a sequel: Backbreaker 2: Vengeance. Why the name? Because this time round, you get to play as the tacklers too, if you want.

The showboating has been bumped up a notch, and there are new moves when you’re playing as the ball-carrier – you can now jump and truck as well as spin and juke. We’re not sure what trucking is, being Brits, but suffice to say it probably involves leaving your opponent clutching at thin air before biting grass.

There are new obstacles, stadia and beefed-up graphics, as well as Game Center support for high-score tables and bragging matches with mates. Excellent stuff.


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