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BallDroppings for Android: Synaesthesiapp

BallDroppings is a physics-based audio visual app based on one of the Google Chrome experiments developed by Josh Nimoy. It’s a baffling and hypnotic experience, that somehow manages to be both relaxing and a bit annoying at the same time.

Balls fall from the top of the screen at regular intervals. You draw lines across the touchscreen with your finger, which the falling balls bounce off of creating sounds when they strike the lines.

You can choose from a range of set sounds including piano, steel drum, synth and many more.

The size of the balls, the rate at which they fall from the screen and how hard they bounce can be customised. You can also change the colour of the balls, lines and the background. Setting everything to the same colour makes for an interesting experience.

BallDroppings is available for free and there’s a paid version too. The ‘lite’ version only gives you one instrument sound (harp) limits your colour options to black and white and doesn’t feature tilt physics. The full version which costs $1.99 (£1.40) gives you the full range of colour, sound and gravity options.

BallDroppings is available for Android phones running 1.5 and up. You can play the original desktop version here.


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