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Barclays Apple Watch banking app doesn’t let you do much actual banking

Barclays has revealed it’s the first UK bank to offer an Apple Watch app, but sadly it doesn’t do anything you’d actually want it to, like let you pay for stuff.

The Barclays app, which is set to launch alongside Apple’s Watch on April 24th, will let users keep tabs on their finances using their new wearable (which presumably will be massively decreased after shelling out the ridiculous asking price). Don’t worry if you’re stacked as the app will support up to five current accounts, all accessible with the swipe of a finger.

Notifications and SMS from Barclays will also appear on the bank’s smart watch app, ensuring that you don’t miss any critical updates from your fiduciary friends.

Matt Hammerstein, Head of Customer and Client Experience at Barclays said: “With three quarters of our customers choosing to use digital channels to carry out their banking with Barclays, we know that they want a safe and secure way to instantly check their finances.

“The extension of our popular mobile app on Apple Watch will allow customers to keep track of their money wherever they are, and is the latest example of how we’re continuing to develop innovative ways to make their life easier.”

We agree with Mr Hammerstein about folk liking to use online facilities or apps to carry out much of their banking, which is why it’s a damn shame the Barclays Apple Watch app will only let you stare in a melancholic fashion at your ever-dwindling cash supplies (and the occasional irritating slice of marketing guff).

The bank’s Pingit app, available on iOS and Android, is one of the better mobile banking efforts, offering solid security alongside plenty of functionality. Were someone able to make a quick payment from their Apple Watch, it could be a helpful ally to the usual mobile app.

But as it stands, the Watch app seems pretty pointless.

We still have no idea when Apple Pay will hit the UK, which is the one banking feature of the wearable that we actually care about. Here’s hoping it crosses the Atlantic soon as we’re pretty sick of hearing how great it is, without actually being able to use it.


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