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Barnes & Noble to stop producing Nook tablets in-house

Barnes & Noble has tried time and time again to entice customers to its Nook line of tablets, but it looks like the company may finally be conceding defeat. B&N announced that it will stop producing Nook tablets, according to The Next Web, instead hoping that third-parties will license and create Nook tablets.

“We are taking big steps to reduce the losses in the NOOK segment, as we move to a partner-centric model in tablets and reduce overhead costs,” said William Lynch, the CEO of Barnes & Noble. The company will still sell its Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets throuhgout the year, though, and continue to provide software updates as well as support.

After that, B&N will stop producing the tablets in-house and instead work with other companies to produce co-branded tablets. B&N doesn’t have any plans to ditch its ereaders, however, especially as digital sales seem to have steadily increased year after year.

The news isn’t much of a surprise given that sales of the Nook tablets have been relatively slow, yet customers are ultimately going to lose in the end. B&N may not have offered an ecosystem as robust as Amazon, but at least the Nook tablets were well-specced and affordable. Still, anyone looking to pick up a cheap Android tablet will be pleased – prices will be probably continue to drop as the company looks to sell any remaining stock.


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