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Barrr for Android: Pirate-themed management game

Some of our regular readers might be under the impression that a ninja bias has crept onto the pages of Recombu. To redress the balance somewhat we bring you Barrr – a pirate-themed bar management game for Android. Think Diner Dash but with tattoos and beer.

Salty old sea-dogs approach from the left hand side of the screen with speech bubbles above their heads indicating what they want; a drink, a game of darts, some fresh ink or, perhaps less characteristically, to play on a games console or rock out on the guitar. The happier the pirates are the more they’ll tip you when they leave.

Keep an eye out for the pirates who’ve had one too many though – they’ll need a clear path to the loo otherwise they won’t be very chuffed and you’ll lose out on doubloons.

You control the pirates by tapping on them and then tapping on where they want to go in the bar. The graphics have a fresh cartoony feel and the menu features a sea shantey-esque theme tune which adds to the pirateyness.

Interestingly, Barrr was originally developed as part of a project by two students over a 5 month period. After they’d handed it in (they got top marks) they decided to release it to the Android Market for free after adding a few tweaks. You can read more about the Firedroid team’s project here.

We hope that they go on to make more apps and even though Barrr is free (and there are no adverts) we’d happily toss a few pieces of eight their way if they ever released a donate version. 


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