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BathingCat for Android replaces your battery meter with (surprise) a bathing cat

Ceiling Cat, Arguecat, Longcat… BathingCat? Unless cartoons and internet videos have been lying to us, we’d swear blind that cats really really hate having baths. Try telling that to developer Tomoko Sugi, who has made this cute battery meter, inexplicably shaped like a cat in a bathtub.

BathtubCat is an Android widget that reminds you how much juice you’ve got left in your Android phone. The amount of power left in your battery is represented by the amount of water left in the tub.

The cat sarcastically reminds you to plug your phone in, as well as telling you how much power is left in percentages.

It’d be a bit more useful if it borrowed some of the functionality of the Nokia Battery Monitor app. But it’s a cat, so we’ll let it slide.

If you’re fond of adorning your Android phone’s homescreen with cat-related goodness (like this cute, but ultimately pointless Maneki Neko) then you’ve no excuse not to download this free widget.

Did we mention that you can feed BathtubCat bottles of milk to make it happy? There’s also a number of different cat heads and bathtubs to choose from, so you can customise away.


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