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Batman Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 900 video

In celebration of the upcoming Batman Dark Knight Rises movie released next month, Nokia have followed up their Lumia 800 Batman Dark Knight Rises special edition with a Lumia 900 bearing much the same styling. To refresh your memory, that includes a black matte body coupled with a Batman insignia on the reverse and some UI tweaks centred around the film.

We reviewed the Nokia Lumia 900 not long ago and enjoyed the large display and smooth interface. The Dark Knight Rises version doesn’t change any of the core specs, also offering a 1.4GHz processor, 8-megapixel camera and 4.3-inch Clear Black AMOLED display. Only available in black, the polycarbonate unibody chassis feels solid and looks smart with the subtle insignia to differentiate its physical self. Not quite as charming as the multi-textured insignia on the reverse of the Lumia 800 Dark Knight Rises special edition, the Lumia 900 insignia instead looks to be a paint job.

Inside the phone are also a host of Batman Dark Knight Rises wallpapers as well as a new dark grey theme active by default and access to an exclusive location based game. Coupled with the Clear Black AMOLED display and Windows Phone’s black backdrop, the grey theme works well adding a huge dose of Gotham to the look and feel of the phone. Overall however, in much the same way we prefer the Nokia Lumia 800 over the Nokia Lumia 900, so too do we prefer the Lumia 800 special edition over that of the Lumia 900 special edition, largely thanks to the multi-layered Batman insignia on the 800.

That said, only one is available for you to buy and that’s the Lumia 900. It should be out now at £599 SIM free or around £31 per month on contract, costing just enough to make it an unabashedly indulgent purchase for any self-respecting Batfan.


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