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First Blackberry 10 devices to arrive no later than 3rd March 2013?

Despite previously anticipated delays pinning the launch of RIM’s new mobile OS to March, it now looks as if that’ll be the date from which consumers can get their hands on a BB10 device, rather than being able to just hear about it in the news.

Contrary to previous delays which RIM had expected due to the slow development of the new OS, the mobile manufacturer announced on Monday that they would be holding an official launch event for BBOS 10 on January 30th next year. The event will not only serve as the first screening of BBOS 10 in a finished state, but the first two devices to sport the new OS will take to the stage too. These devices are said to be a full touch handset and one with a more quintessential BlackBerry keyboard design.

Image credit N4BB

Following on from this, these two new handsets are now anticipated to arrive to market no later than “30 days” from the January 30th announcement, according to RIM’s COO Kristian Tear. SFGate quote Mr Tear as stating that, “RIM is aiming for a release on multiple continents within 30 days of the unveiling,” and prospective consumers in all over the world can take not of that statement, as the company have already revealed that 50 carriers internationally have new BlackBerry hardware in their labs for testing.

BlackBerry 10 has been a long time coming and despite unfinished versions and the occasional feature popping into the public eye momentarily, consumers are slowly losing sight of the Canadian manufacturer as Apple, Google and now Microsoft are all pushing their equivalent mobile OSs far more aggressively. We might have to wait until the end of January to find out what the company has created and it can’t come soon enough.


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