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BBC breaks ‘unbreakable’ Sonim mobile phone

Technology reporters love a challenge, so manufacturers better be pretty damn confident in a phone if they’re planning to label it ‘unbreakable’ – it’s like a red rag to a bull. Sure enough, Sonim fell into this trap with what it claims is ‘the world’s most rugged phone’.

Bob Plaschke, Sonim’s CEO, told the BBC: “You can drop it from at least 10 storeys, you can go under water 20ft for a half hour… you can hammer a nail with it. It is basically unbreakable.” Pride before a fall, Bob. Just minutes later, reporter Dan ‘doesn’t-know-his-own-strength’ Simmons proved him wrong by bashing it against a fish tank and, with a gut-wrenching smash, breaking the screen.

How embarrassing. Check out the rather amusing video here.