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BBC iPlayer app for iPad and iPhone nearing release

Promises of a full-out BBC iPlayer app have been bouncing around for years now. It now looks like the release is finally approaching the finish-line. Thank you BBC!

PaidContent reports that an iOS app for iPhones and iPads should see a release before BBC bigwig, director of future media and technology, David Huggers, leaves the corp.

We’ve had rumours since November 2009, and we’re now looking forward to being able to schedule new shows for download and watch them on-demand, and other features that are available on the BBC iPlayer’s desktop app.

Being able to listen to live radio on 3G would be a nice bonus too. The Beeb have reported that mobile streaming users apparently made up 4% of the iPlayer audience in December 2010.

We have been able to stream iPlayer TV and radio shows through the web browser since May 2010, provided you’re connected to a WiFi network. Several phones, including Blackberry, can also stream BBC content through the web-browser.

BBC are also rumoured to release a special pay-on-demand or subscription-funded iPlayer for its content worldwide.


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