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BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone, just weeks away

Windows Phone users can expect to download a BBC iPlayer application in the coming weeks, at least that’s the word one Nokia spokesperson told The Inquirer.

The video catch-up services that’s become incredibly popular, not just on desktops, but more recently, other connected devices such as games consoles and Android/iOS devices is now winging its way to Windows Phone, much to the delight of Microsoft and prospective Windows Phone users no doubt.

BBC iPlayer on Windows Phone

Leila Martine, Nokia’s Director of Windows Phone Windows Phone Marketplace confirmed the store now has 85,000 applications, with at least 100 new applications being submitted everyday. So although the size of the app store is still dwarfed by Apple’s and Android’s equivalent markets, the rate of growth is worth taking notice of.

BBC iPlayer will no doubt become a top favourite amongst Windows Phone users in the UK, but it’s not the only video catch-up service they can expect to see in the Marketplace. SkyGO will take a little while longer (we’re talking months) to arrive according to another Nokia spokesperson, but it is in the works. It’s still unknown as to whether services like 4OD and FiveDemand are on the cards, but keep your eyes on your Lumia’s in the coming days and hit the BBC button when you see it.

UPDATE: Despite what The Inquirer was apparently told by a Nokia spokesperson, the BBC have informed that there are in fact no plans for an official Windows Phone iPlayer app, at least not just yet, they stated:

BBC iPlayer is already on over 500 platforms and devices including Virgin Media, BT Vision, FreeSat, Freeview, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and hundreds of mobile phones, tablets, and Internet-connected TVs.

We are always looking at new and existing platforms to bring BBC iPlayer to, but have no plans to launch a BBC iPlayer native app in Windows Phone Marketplace in the immediate future.” they added.

So for the time being BBC iPlayer won’t be one of the apps coming to bolster Windows Phone’s Marketplace, sad but true.


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