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BBC iPlayer now available for Windows Phone 8

Rejoice, Windows Phone 8 owners, as you’ll finally be able to watch the latest episode of The Apprentice on your handset. The BBC today released an iPlayer app for Windows Phone 8, a long overdue addition that’s been held back in the past thanks to the different standards used by Microsoft and the Beeb.

Don’t get too excited, though, as it’s not a full Windows Phone app. Instead, the BBC has opted for a browser-based shortcut that kicks you over to the mobile version of the iPlayer site. You may be able to catch up on your favourite BBC programs, but you’re going to miss out on features like offline playback.

Worse still, the app only supports Windows Phone 8, and not Windows Phone 7.5. The BBC says that “platform limitations” prevent the organization from launching an app for the older version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. It goes on to say that Windows Phone 8 makes up the “majority” of Windows Phones available on the market. Basically, if you want iPlayer on the go, you’ll have to buy a shiny new Windows Phone 8 device.

Even a watered down version of iPlayer is better than nothing, right? If you’re thinking the same thing then you can head over to the Windows Store and download iPlayer right now.


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