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BBC launches global iPlayer app

International users will soon be able to access BBC content via a new app launching on the iPad.

Also called BBC iPlayer, the app is available free to download in 11 European countries, with content available on a subscription basis.

Although the new app will look similar to the UK version, unlike the homegrown app, it will not provide a seven-day catch-up service or any live content. There will be 1500 hours of on-demand programs, including Dr Who and Fawlty Towers, more recent content is available the ‘Just in’ section featuring newer content such as Eastenders.



In addition, the app will offer the facility to download content to watch offline, something the iPad doesn’t enable you to do, although is available on several smartphones such as the Nokia N8.

Unlike the UK iPlayer app, which is funded by the licence fee, the international iPlayer app is run by the commercial arm of the BBC – BBC Worldwide. A yearly subscription will cost 49.99 euro (£44) alternatively the monthly charge is 6.99 euro (£6.14) a month.

Global iPlayer will launch in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemboug, ROI, The Netherlands, Portugal, France and Spain, in the future it could be launched globally.

Jana Bennett from BBC Worldwide said: We have an exciting vision for what this service could become and will develop it based on feedback from within the markets,”

The launch willbe good news for ex-pats currently unable to access iPlayer content who need their Eastenders fix and the yearly £44 price seems reasonable – equating to just £3.60 a month

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