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BBC launches Old Gregg Mighty Boosh torch app

When it comes to mangina-toting comedy characters, Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh is… well, he’s the only one. And now he’s got his very own iPhone app, courtesy of BBC Worldwide.

“Crack open a fresh Baileys as you’ll never get lost in the dark again with your very own Mangina,” explains the App Store blurb. “Simply lift Old Gregg’s skirt and shine the light from his downstairs mix up…”

That’s right: it’s a torch app. Complete with different colours, and a built-in soundboard with eight of Gregg’s best lines from the series. And if you’re wondering what in God’s name this mangina thing is all about, there’s a video of the relevant scene too, to bring you up to speed.

It’s the second Boosh app for iPhone, following The Mighty Decider which was released early this year, albeit not by the Beeb.


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