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BBC: No iPlayer for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 looks set to get a boost in the arm from both the impressive Mango software update arriving soon, and new generation of handsets packing Microsoft’s smartphone OS.

Despite the hardware and software refreshes, it appears WP7 customers won’t be getting their fix of the BBC iPlayer any time soon.

Replying to a request from WMPowerUser, they told the site that, “Unfortunately, as the Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) or Adobe Flash, the formats we use for streaming videos, we can’t make BBC iPlayer available on this phone at the moment.”

Given the time we waited for reliable service on Android, it’s preferable to wait until it can run with some semblance of reliablity and smoothness. A pity to waste that 4.7-inch screen though…

If Windows Phone 7 does prove a success, it’s hard to rule out perhaps a HTML5-friendly version appearing at some time in the distant future.

Source: WMPoweruser


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