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BBC Sports app adds footy notifications

The BBC Sports app now gives you real-time footy notifications for over 150 domestic teams, after the latest update.

If you’re too skint to go to the footy every week, or find yourself stuck at some disagreeable event such as a wedding instead, the BBC Sports app is no doubt your saviour in smartphone form. Refreshing the app every five seconds gets rather tedious of course, but the beeb has you covered in the latest BBC Sports update, which adds real-time notifications for over 150 UK teams.

BBC Sports app updated with football notification

Simply select your face team and you’ll be buzzed when the match kicks off, whenever there’s a goal, and at half and full time. That’s your whack for now, but the BBC plans to add further functionality in the future, including full customisation.

You can download the update from today, and as Sunderland fans, we can’t wait to enjoy the non-stop trouser-tingling as goals fly in every Saturday.



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