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BBC to offer livestreaming sport over 3G

Excitement is building for one of the most widely televised, most significant sporting events of the past four years, the London 2012 Olympic Games. As such, it’s not just sports fans who are prepping for a trip down to the Olympic village. Live coverage from major broadcasters is going mobile in a big way this year, with Samsung Galaxy S3 owners receiving a free dose of Eurosport’s coverage, as we mentioned yesterday and now the BBC getting in on the action.

As sited on the BBC’s online blog (via Engadget) it’s not just the Olympics that’ll receive the livestream treatment, mobile users will now be able to watch all of the BBC’s live sporting coverage over WiFi or 3G data. Testing has apparently been underway in the midst of the opening week of the Euro 2012 and is now available on iOS 5 or Android 2.2 devices (and up).

BBC Sport live mobile

All of the BBC’s live sporting content can be found via the BBC Sport website, or a newly released mobile site and comes as part of the broadcasters strategy to bring ‘the best BBC Sport content across four screens’. Presently the new live service will be offering up both coverage of the Euro 2012 proceedings, including England’s match against Sweden this evening and going forward, feature Wimbledon, F1 (including the British GP from Silverstone), the Open Golf and of course the Olympics, which will include 24 hour livestreams.

The future of the service is set to improve too, when’s kick off again?


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