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BBC Weather app launches on iOS and Android to brighten up your day

The BBC has already given Britons a sizable library of handy mobile applications covering news, sports, food, radio and of course video in the form of iPlayer, but now it’s time for the company’s next major release: BBC Weather.

From today, iOS and Android users will be able to log into their respective app stores and pick up the new dedicated BBC Weather application for their device. Built from the ground up using the BBC’s well-established meteorological database, the new app aims to deliver easy to understand weather information on the move.

BBC Weather - iOS/Android

Opening up the app, it’ll automatically detect your location and show you local weather. From the default view, you’ll see your location, the day’s general weather (expressed by the main icon), highest and lowest estimated temperatures for that day, UV and pollen warnings, wind speed and direction as well as sunrise and sunset times.

Using the tabs at the bottom of the app you can look forward for a five-day forecast with the option to expand the available information into an hourly forecast if you so wish. A swipe to the right also lets you save your favourite locations so you can peek at the current conditions or tap for a more detailed view and what’s more the app supports international weather information too.

We’re particularly fans of the inclusion of additional features available on the Android version of the app. Whilst iOS users will get a robust experience in their own right, the development team has been able to leverage some of the extra capabilities of Google’s mobile OS to include a universal search bar, a widget to permanently lock your favourite locale to a homescreen and the ability to share whatever location’s weather is currently being viewed to a friend via NFC.

The BBC Weather app is available free today on iOS and Android and should work on any devices running iOS 5 or Android 2.2 Froyo and up. We’d highly recommend taking a look as it does a far better job than either operating system’s stock weather apps, plus it’s prettier too.


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