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BBM for Android screenshots leak?

The first pictures have leaked showing Blackberry Messenger running on an Android mobile phone.

Reportedly from a RIM employee, the screenshots show a Blackberry Messenger icon on the homescreen of an Android handset, adjacent to the Blackberry Developer Icon.

There’s also a picture of a Beta version of the contact profile page, including name, pin and status. Surprisingly you can actually read the person’s PIN, surely identifying to employers RIM? That’s if the screenshots are genuine.

According to the source, the app works well with Android’s push notifications.

There were whisperings earlier this year that RIM was bringing BBM toAndroid, available as an app on the Android Market, but this is the first time we’ve seen screenshots. Although there’s no news on official launch date or even if RIM would charge for the service, which seems likely, we can’t imagine RIM giving away one of its flagship features to another operating system.

We’re still waiting to see if the Playbook will be able to run Android apps, as pictures of the Android App Player running on RIM’s tablet leaked out.

Would you use BBM on an Android phone? Or would you ditch your Blackberry for an Android handset if it could run messenger? Let us know via Facebook and Twitter.

Via: TechRadar


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