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BBM for iOS won’t include iPad support at launch

BlackBerry dropped a bombshell earlier this week when it announced that BlackBerry Messenger would soon be a cross-platform solution. The popular messaging app will make an appearance on iOS and Android sometime this summer, but it won’t be making the jump to tablets just yet. That’s according to Trusted Reviews, who asked BlackBerry about potential plans for BBM on the iPad.

BlackBerry made it clear that BBM for iOS would only be making an appearance on iPhones at launch. The company says that smartphones are the “real focus”, and that messaging apps better lend themselves to those on the go. That means strictly mobile support for now – anyone hoping to bang out some messages on a larger tablet will be disappointed.

That doesn’t mean a tablet BBM app isn’t coming in the future, but BlackBerry made it pretty clear to Trusted Reviews that it would come much later down the line. Indeed, not many messaging solutions have a tablet counterpart. Apps like WhatsApp and Kik, for instance, are limited to handsets, leaving Google Talk (now Google Hangouts) and Skype for anyone looking for tablet messaging.

BlackBerry also hinted that it was looking into connecting other devices too. The company says that devices like smart TVs and desktops are “definitely areas of exploration”. Connected cars were a big focus for BlackBerry at its Live event as well, so we could also see some sort of integration there in the future.


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