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BBM updates with Snapchat-style self destruction

BlackBerry Messenger has been freshly updated with a new auto-delete feature for messages, mimicking the likes of Snapchat.

Once upon a time, BBM was the instant messenger of choice, loved by suits and chavs alike. However with the lack of any decent BlackBerry hardware and a slew of other messaging apps hitting the market – not to mention a bunch of negative press surrounding the service – BBM is suddenly a lot less popular.

BlackBerry, never one to lie down and die, is injecting fresh life into BBM with some new features – and the first stop is adding self-destructing messages.

According to reports, an update to BBM now allows you to set an expiry time on your messages, making them auto-destruct when you say so. It’s a feature which has long been part of the experience from the likes of Snapchat and Wickr, but one which is likely to go down well with the ‘Berry faithful.

The update also allows users to retract messages once they’ve been sent, providing the other person hasn’t already read it, so hopefully your messaging experience will be one free of regrets caused by impetuous finger action and overly enthusiastic auto-correct.

It’s not the first time BlackBerry has ‘borrowed’ features from other leading services; the ability to send stickers, something already found in WhatsApp, was added some time ago. With the addition of this latest feature it seems as though Canada’s finest (soon to be part of Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, if rumours are to be believed) is looking to make BBM a real contender once again.

It’ll be interesting to see if this new feature, among others, reinvigorates public interest in BBM, but with other apps so firmly in favour, it’s hard to imagine people flocking back to BlackBerry Messenger any time soon.


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