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Beauty Score app tells you how ugly your friends are

Who needs Hot Or Not ratings to tell you if you’re beautiful, when you can use The Power Of Science instead?

This, at least, is the theory behind a new iPhone app called Beauty Score, which claims to be able to rank faces from the photos on your iPhone by how attractive they are.

And if you think that’s a load of old bunkum, quit yo’ jibber jabber. The app is based on a Machine Learning algorithm, which in turn is apparently based on a proper scientific paper called Data-Driven Enhancement of Facial Attractiveness.

In other words, if Beauty Score says you’re ugly, it’s because you are. Sorry about that.

There are even worldwide rankings where you can vote on other people’s photos, to help the system train itself. Presumably thousands of people are already trying to game the system by submitting their FatBooth-enhanced pics…


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