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Become a musical maestro with Squiggle for iPad

 If, like me, you’re rather lacking in musical talent then Squiggle could just be the app you’ve been waiting for. Who wants to spend vast amounts of money on a harp (or, you know, guitar) which will inevitably end up wasting away in a corner and gathering dust? No one, that’s who.

Instead, use Squiggle for iPad to make your own harp/guitar/sitar/whatever string instrument you fancy. Holding the iPad flat, simply draw as many notes as you like – like a real instrument, the length of the ‘string’ determines the sounds, but they’re easily adjustable. When you’re happy with your layout, just tilt the iPad upright and the white background turns black – now your notes are locked in and you’re ready to strum.

You can create a keyboard-like layout, or go for something a little more fancy. I wrote my name, for example, that’s always fun:


Strumming that didn’t sound too good, although I did cobble together something vaguely coherent for your audio-visual pleasure:

When you want to start again, just turn the iPad upside down and the notes will disappear, leaving you a blank canvas to begin all over again. The notes aren’t really musically accurate and it’s a little temperamental, sometimes refusing to play a string for no reason. But on the whole, it’s great to have a little tinker around with – and since it’s free, there’s no reason to complain.


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