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Bella Girl Beauty Assistant launches for iPad

Handbags are supersized nowadays, so there’s easily enough room for an iPad alongside the purses, lipstick, compact mirrors and hatstands. Oh, hang on, that last one’s just Mary Poppins. We doubt she has an iPad.

Anyway, developer Mooee Company has launched an app aimed squarely at iPad-toting women. It’s called Bella Girl – Beauty Assistant, and it claims to be made for “smart ladies who require a set of beauty tools to help them manage their beauty care needs”.

Such as? *deep breath* a BMI calculator, calorie counter, beauty treatment timer, size converter for rings, shoes and bras, period and ovulation estimators, and a comparison shopping tool for cosmetics.

It saves all your key measurements and details, but also includes a guest mode to let friends use the beauty features without scrubbing your settings, and a privacy lock so that if someone nicks your iPad, they won’t be able to see when you’re next ovulating.

We’re wondering if there’d be a bigger market for this kind of app on mobile phones rather than iPad, but with little competition as yet on iPad, maybe Mooee is onto something.


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