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Best Android photo editing apps to rescue rubbish camera shots

We round up the best photo editing apps for your Android phone or tablet, so you can quickly and easily save those grainy, dark and unusable snaps.

There are few things more frustrating than thinking you’ve captured a brilliant photo of your bestie chugging a pitcher of cheeky vimto, only to discover that your shot is a dark, grainy mess. Hence, we’ve scoured Google Play for the very best photo editing apps that can rescue your lifeless, ugly images and make them worthy of your digital scrapbook.

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Autodesk Pixlr (Free) – Flexible, feature-packed editor

One of our favourite photo healing apps is Autodesk Pixlr, which comes packed with a wide variety of tools to clean up your shots. You can brighten up dull snaps and fiddle with the usual sliding adjustments, for contrast, sharpness, vibrancy and so on. There’s even a Photoshop-style heal tool, handy to clean up irritating spots. If you struggle with the manual controls, there’s also a pretty decent auto correct mode.

Fotor Photo Editor (Free) – Quick and easy clean-ups

Ignore the trippy weird-as-hell intro movie and you’ll be presented with the option to either take a snap through Fotor or get down to editing your existing photos (on your phone’s storage as well as Facebook or Instagram). The toolset isn’t quite as varied as Pixlr’s, but the auto-enhance cleans up crappy, dark and grainy photos well and all of the obvious manual controls are present. We also really like the tilt-shift feature, which brings one area of your photo into focus while blurring the rest.

Photo Editor by BeFunky (Free) – For selfie lovers

Don’t expect any hand-holding auto modes from BeFunky. You’re on your own, with full manual controls to tweak your snaps’ colour, contrast and other levels, before adding overlays, frames, cartoon characters and so on. Still, the interface is smart and friendly enough, and the touch-up section is a highlight for selfie lovers, with teeth whitening and blemish fixing tools as well as virtual make-up to splash on your mug.

Photo Editor by Aviary (Free) – If you’ve got an Adobe ID

Adobe users can sign into Aviary’s Photo Editor app and download all kinds of ‘funky effects’, frames, filters and more. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, you can still use the excellent auto-tweak tool and a handful of demo features, not to mention the blemish and blur correction, red eye removal and so on.

Photo Mate R2 (£6.75) – For pro photographers

This one is strictly for the pros. If you’re dealing with RAW images and want to tweak your photos before immediately uploading them, then Photo Mate R2 will do the job. Don’t expect a full-on mobile Photoshop, but the app allows you to mess with colours, contrast and so on.

If you have your own favourite photo editing apps, feel free to share in the comments below.

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