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Best Black Friday mobile deals for the UK (2015)

Black Friday is looming and with it come deals galore on all the amazing technology we’ve met over the last few months. So here are some of the best deals on mobile technology and accessories we’ve found for Black Friday 2015.


Whilst Asus isn’t advertising any Black Friday details directly, we’ve spotted a few on featuring its latest lineup of ZenPad tablets. The ZenPad 8.0 is up for grabs in black or white for just £99, whilst the 8-inch version is going in black, white or gold for £119 a pop and the largest 10-inch version for £149.

Whichever device you pick you’re getting a solid slate and all three discounted versions sport Intel Atom processors, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.


If only the internet was a secure place. EE has officially been keeping its Black Friday deals under wraps, but people talk (read: send photos of computer screens to one another) so we now have at least some idea of what the network’s planning for the big day, courtesy of Hot UK Deals user Daniel Mortley (aka Emodan).

By the looks of it potential Pay As You Go customers are getting various amounts of money off some of the network’s handsets (when bought with £20 top-up credit), with £19.99 off the Alcatel Pixi 3, £110 off Sony’s Xperia M4, £80 off the LG Spirit and £25 off the Doro 612 – for the more distinguished users out there. If you’re after a PAYG tablet instead, the Huawei’s T1 is going for just £120 and comes with 24GB of data too.

You can nab yourself an EE Robin for free with any tablet and 10GB of data on a £5 plan (rather than a £13.50 one), whilst the carrier’s other own-brand products are also getting the chop; like the Action Cam. You can strap on this 4G connected GoPro rival for free as part of a £10 per month, 24 month shared plan. The Osprey Mini 2 personal hotspot is up for grabs for free on a £25 per month, 24-month plan, which includes 50GB of data too.

In flagship land the Galaxy S6 gets £69.99 knocked off for existing customers and £60 for newcomers, whilst £49.99 is being axed of the iPhone 5S’s price tag irrespective of whether you’re already on EE’s books or are considering joining. 

Beyond that the network has cut the prices of accessories galore; from fitness trackers and drones to cases and even a VR headset.


Chinese smartphone maker Honor has put a lot of time an effort into this year’s lineup including its current flagship, the Honor 7. Signing up to the shared Huawei/Honor online store – vMall anytime this week gives you a £40 coupon to spend on select Honor products on the site, but it’s only valid from 9:30am on Black Friday so you’ve got to spend it quick.

The coupon can be used on the aforementioned Honor 7, but also the on the AM08 connected speaker and other accessories too, meaning you save a ton on some great mobile tech.


We’ve been wholly impressed by the product lineup Motorola has brought to the table this year, with everything from the powerful new Moto X Style to the stylish new Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch. What’s even more exciting is that the company is slashing the price of some of its best smartphones by up to 50 per cent.

Some of the highlights include £195 of the second generation Moto X, £60 off the new Moto X Play, £229 off the mammoth Nexus 6 and offering up the baby Moto E for just £69.99 (with free shipping). Nice.


The South Korean mobile giant it promising new deals all the time, but right now the most publicised one features its latest wearable and star smartwatch the Gear S2. The stunning circular smartwatch is up for grabs on a semi-2-4-1 deal, with the first watch going for £249.99 and a second for just £100.

We suggest pooling your finances with a friend and getting a great deal on two top-tier wearables from Samsung. Don’t forget to read our full review to find out more before you buy too.


If you’re already on TalkTalk’s system then you’ve got access to some great mobile deals, starting with its most capacious 12 month contract dropping from £15.50 to just £5.50 a month (includes 3GB of data, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts).

If you want to throw a device or two into the mix, the Samsung J1 is on offer when bundled with a Galaxy Tab 4 slate and depending on the plan you opt for, there’s room to save up to £165 with this winning pair.


UK carrier Three is going big this Black Friday and actually promises to extend the discounts all the way through until end-of-play Monday. For starters if you’re considering Recombu’s ‘phone of the year 2015’ the Samsung Galaxy S6 is available with £125 off, otherwise its more curvaceous sibling, the S6 Edge is available with £121 off.

Mobile photographers might want to snap up the Sony Xperia Z5 with its 23-megapixel camera for £159 less than normal, whilst selfie sticks are going for £5.50 a pop.

If you’re more a Motorola kind of person, Three’s Moto Maker experience will be running with a £60 discount, making the already affordable third-generation Motorola Moto G event cheaper, not to mention customised to your tastes.


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