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20 awesome cases for your iPad Mini

There are tonnes of iPad Mini cases available, but which should you splash the cash on? Ellie Holland rounds up 20 of her favourites. 

Your iPad Mini is precious to you, right? Then surely it deserves to be protected in some form of case from the myriad dangers it might encounter on a day to day basis? Whether you want your precious tablet to look fun, fashionable, festive or you just want to give your iPad Mini the best chance of survival in the event of someone accidentally sitting on it, there are loads of cases to choose from.

Luckily for you, we have listed the very best cases for the iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina Display, from the conventional to the downright bizarre. So what’s your favourite? 

Sena Ultraslim: £49.95

The understated, sophisticated Ultraslim will make your iPad Mini look even more slick than it does naked. It might look unspectacular in photos but this isn’t just a bog standard case — it’s a hand-crafted leather sleeve with a velvet interior lining that’s kind to your iPad’s delicate outer surfaces. Its thin design means that it won’t take up loads of room in your bag or briefcase, either.

Griffin Survivor Military-Duty Case: £36.35

This one’s for the incredibly clumsy. Mud, rain, sand, shock – whatever your iPad Mini faces each day, the Griffin Survivor Case will protect it. The case is made of a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame, with silicone cladding that dampens vibration. Its sealed ports also block blown sand and dust and it’ll even shrug off wind-blown rain. It basically turns your iPad Mini into a a double-hard soldier. 

Griffin Zatterino: £29.00

This iPad Mini case is like no other – in fact it’s totally original, because you can draw all over it and make it your own. It’s made of a patented paper composite, so whilst your iPad Mini remains protected inside the case, you can unleash your inner artist. Or ruin it with rubbish doodles — whatever. 

Sena Jornal: £54.00

Another Sena offering, the Jornal makes your iPad Mini look just like a leather notebook, and there’re even pockets on the case for all your cards. It’s made of genuine leather and has an integrated stand for viewing and typing. Overall, it looks smart and professional, and still keeps your iPad Mini perfectly protected inside.

Sapphire and Diamond Case: £421,585.50

Got half a million pounds burning a hole in your pocket? Looking for something a little more productive to do with your cash than wiping your bottom with £50s? Check this out: This case, made by the Natural Sapphire Company, features 3,328 sapphires and 50 diamonds, hence the rather hefty price. It is without doubt the most expensive iPad Mini case that we’ve heard of so far. Well, if you’ve got the money…

Leapord Wallpaper Case: £40.95

If Tarzan had an iPad Mini, he’d want this case. The Leopard Wallpaper case offers a choice of glossy or matte finishes, and though the design is a little ‘loud’, at least this means it’ll stand out. The case itself is made of lightweight hard shell plastic, which clips onto the back of the iPad adding protection without the bulk. 

Paul Smith Vintage Signature Stripe Leather Case: £185.00

If you love British style, then you might be a fan of this Paul Smith offering. It’s stylish, with a vintage Smith print on the front that makes a change from the plethora of plain leather cases that litter the market. One for the fashion-conscious then.

Speck iGuy Case: £15.00


This case is designed for children (or young-at-heart grown-ups). It has a free-standing design that is lightweight, easy to hold and it’ll take a beating thanks to EVA foam protection. It’s also available in several eye-catching colours including red, green, purple, and yellow.

Snugg Leather Case with Card Slots, Pocket, and Elastic Hand Strap: £39.99

This Snugg offering is an iPad case that can also be used as a wallet. There’s are card slots to keep your business cards or credit cards safe and an elastic hand strap to make it easier to hold. It also automatically wakes and puts your iPad Mini to sleep when you close the front flap. N’awww. 

Griffin CinemaSeat: £29.95

This CinemaSeat case can attach to a headrest securely, which makes it easier for you to enjoy a film during a long car journey. You might cause some jealousy amongst the other passengers, but that’s okay. Lord of the Rings road trip marathon, anyone? 

iPad Mini 2 Envelope: £29.00

The Mini 2 Envelope doesn’t look as if it’d offer much protection. If anything, it just resembles a piece of paper, with cotton striped lining — but we like that about it. It’s simple and understated, but will keep your iPad safe. It’s available in a range of colours including pink, blue, yellow, green, and brown. 

Ugly Christmas Sweater Case: £33.95

Christmas might be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy one of these for a relative for Christmas 2014. After all, if you’re going to rock the ugly Christmas sweater during the festive period, then why can’t your iPad Mini? It’s available in a range of designs so you can really co-ordinate your tech with your hideous festive attire. 


Moustache Case: £33.95

Ladies love a moustache, apparently, so you boys out there might want to give this some consideration. Its snazzy moustache against a plain white background won’t win any awards, but it’s perfect for Movember and will make your iPad Mini look very dapper indeed. 

Gucci Patent Leather Case: £185.00

This suave-looking Gucci case was made in Italy and its dark red microguccissima patent leather with dark red patent leather trim make it look the business. If red isn’t your colour, it’s also available in black. Better get saving. 

Spigen Tough Armour Case: £24.14

This Spigen offering is perfect for clumsy types. The grippy edges help reduces the chanes of you accidentally dropping your iPad, while the air-cushioned and cross-net-patterned TPU case will keep the tablet out of harm’s way if it does fall to the pavement. It also looks pretty suave.

Woodbuds Bamboo Wood Case: £40.00

Not only are you protecting your iPad Mini in this super-sleek Woodbuds case, you’re also helping to protect the environment — apparently. No two cases are the same, and you can choose between either bamboo or walnut. Despite looking heavy, the case is suprisingly lightweight, and all the cut outs are 100 per cent accurate so they’re guaranteed to fit your iPad Mini.

BookBook Case: £42.24

This is a handmade, genuine leather hardback case which will make your iPad Mini look just like a vintage book. Your iPad Mini will remain secure inside within the two hardback book covers and rigid spine. It also doubles as a desktop wedge and a multi-angle display stand, and is available in three different styles.

Ted Baker Case: £35.00


While not everybody will be able to pull this off, the Ted Baker iPad Mini case is unquestionably stylish and perfect for fashion fans. It looks pretty much just like a purse, so it’ll fit discreetly in your bag. 

Belkin Lego Builder Case: £34.99

The Lego Builder case will definitely appeal to your inner child. It comes in a range of different colours, has all around coverage, and you can build on your own lego onto the case. Just don’t step on it, unless you’re a fan of excruciating pain. 

Mulberry Chocolate Natural Leather Sleeve: £350.00

This case shuts in a notebook style and fastens with a leather tab. It’s pretty pricey, but it’s made of classic natural leather, and also features the Mulberry tree logo. 


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