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10 Best Cases for the Sony Xperia Z2

From the pretty to the bold to the downright wacky, we list our top 10 phone cases for the Sony Xperia Z2

The Sony Xperia Z2 combines both beauty and all the latest tech, but how can you make it even more gorgeous? By fashioning it in a top-of-the-range phone case, of course. Say hello to our top 10 phone cases designed specifically for the Sony Xperia Z2. 

10. Case Mate Tough Sony Xperia Z2 Case – £19.99

This case is perfect for clumsy hands as its high-impact resistance disperses shock through the hard-as-rock material and away from your delicate phone. It also has a flexible bumper with plenty of grip to keep your Xperia Z2 firm and secure in your hand. If you’re worried that the extra protection might make your Xperia Z2 look and feel extra bulky, fear not. The two-piece construction actually makes this case very slim and light.

9. Metal-Slim Rubber Case – £11.99

This purple rubber case has been designed for people with an active lifestyle, protecting your Xperia Z2 from everyday bumps and scrapes. The case is also fingerprint and oil-resistant, so it’ll stay free from everyday grime. Plus, at 1mm thick, the case is very slim and won’t add any unnecessary bulk to your Xperia Z2.  

8. Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case – £14.99

The Android inspired design on this case is perfect for those who’ve shunned Apple and want the world to know about it. The silicone case also provides just as much protection as a tough case. Not only is it shock absorbent and shatterproof, but it’s also very lightweight and thin. The case is designed specifically for the Xperia Z2, so it’ll fit perfectly. 

7. ArmourDillo Hybrid Protective Case – £12.99

Unlike Ross from Friends in his “holiday armadillo” costume, this case is tough and means business. It is unique because it is made out of two layers, which can be separated. The black outer layer, as you can see in the picture, works a bit like a skeleton in how it adds extra protection on top of the first blue layer. There is also a stand to prop up the phone if you want to watch a film or browse the web. Despite the two layers, the case is surprisingly light thanks to its TPU polymer material.

6. YouSave Black PU Leather-Effect Flip Cover – £4.90

If you can’t afford real leather, then why not fake it? This case is made form tough leather-looking material which keeps dirt and scratches at bay. It also features a magnetically-closing tab that makes it easy to get at your Xperia Z2’s screen. There are also cut-out ports around the phone’s charger and headphone port, and the case even comes with a free screen protector. 

5. Pudani Leather Style Flip and Stand Case – £12.99

This case, designed specifically with the Xperia Z2 in mind, is really simple and pretty, and the fact that it folds to become a typing or viewing stand is a great bonus feature. It’s also thin enough to easily slip into your bag, purse or pocket. The material is lined with microfiber to protect the Xperia Z2’s screen and keep it clean. Could you ask for more?

4. Roxfit Book Case – £20.00

Roxfit’s offering is made from a durable material which provides ultimate screen protection and features a subtle card slot so it is perfect for those who don’t want to keep all their cards in a separate wallet or purse. You can choose from a selection of colours including: Nero Black, Polar White, Dark Tan, Carbon Black and Carbon Red. Our favourite is the Dark Tan as it’s simple and suave, just like the case. 

3. Ultra Hybrid Case- ‘Crystal Clear’ – £14.99


The design of this case means you can show off your Z2 in all its glory. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s fragile, though — it may be transparent but its makers promise shock absorption on the top, bottom and corners thanks to a mix of TPU and polycarbonate. The headphone port, charging port and camera are all left open for easy access. 

2. Zenus Minimal Diary Stand Case – £29.99

Try not to be too put off by the price tag – this case is made from high quality Saffiano leather. It also has a built-in pocket to store business and credit cards (although probably not that manyh just the one pocket). It also comes with a matching hand strap which makes it easy to grab onto if you’re rooting around for your Xperia Z2 in your bag or pocket. The back cover is designed to allow your phone to fold onto itself horizontally, which creates a good viewing stand if you want to watch films or listen to music.

1. Krusell Kalmar Flipwallet – £24.99

The Krussell Kalmar Flipwallet provides great protection thanks to its leather material and soft microfiber lining. Similar to the Zenus Minimal Diary Stand case, it can double up as a wallet or purse, but in this case there are multiple slots to help you keep your business card separate from your Nando’s card. It even has a pocket to store cash. Its price is also fairly reasonable, so all in all, it’s our pick of the bunch. 

So that’s our top 10 cases for the Sony Xperia Z2 rounded up. Agree with the list? Got a case which should have made the top 10? Let us know by posting in the comments below. 


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