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Best cheap 30-day SIM-only deals in the UK (2017)

We compare the cheapest 30-day monthly SIM-only tariffs in the UK, to see which networks offers the most 4G data for the smallest cost.

If you want lots of 4G data for worry-free web browsing on the go, and a tariff that gives you the freedom to leave at any time, then these are the deals for you. We check out the cheapest SIM-only UK tariffs from the likes of O2, Tesco Mobile, The People’s Operator and iD Network, to see which offers the best value for money.

Check out our fully up-to-date SIM-Only Deals Comparison Page for the latest offers direct from UK networks.

O2 (From £12 a month)

O2 offers 4G data with all of its 30-day SIM-only contracts, with prices starting from £12 a month. That only bags you 250MB of data, which is only good for email and the occasional web browse however, so you’ll need to be careful and monitor your usage. For more peace of mind, you should upgrade to the 1GB deal which costs £16.50 a month before April 27.

Of course, joining O2 nets you all kinds of cool deals on its Priority scheme, including free coffee and priority tickets for the O2 arena.

TalkTalk Mobile (From £3.95 a month)

TalkTalk’s cheapest SIM-only 30-day contract currently costs £3.95 a month and gives you 300MB of data. However, you need to be a TalkTalk home/broadband customer to qualify for that deal. Check out our Deals Comparison Page for a direct link to this offer.

The People’s Operator (From £6.99 a month)

The People’s Operator (TPO for short) just launched its first 4G deal for new customers, offering an impressive 2GB of data for just £6.99 a month on a 30-day rolling contract. That also gets you 600 minutes and unlimited texts every month. You can even name the charity of your choice, which will receive ten percent of your monthly bill as a donation.

More tariffs are set to be announced in July 2016, including SIM-only 4G deals for existing customers.

If you’re not bothered about 4G, you can pick up a SIM-only contract from just a fiver a month. Check out our Deals Comparison Page for more info.

iD Network (From £4 a month)

Carphone Warehouse’s iD Network is one of the leaders in the cheap SIM-only tariff market, offering some ridiculous 4G deals. Just £4 a month bags you 250MB of data, plus 250 minutes and 5000 texts, SIM-only.

That’s very limited data if you plan on regularly browsing the web, however, and certainly won’t cut it for streaming media. We’d recommend upgrading to at least the 1GB data deal for just £5 a month.

GiffGaff (From £5 a month)

GiffGaff’s 30-day SIM-only tariffs are called ‘Goodybags’ and they’re very good value. Goodybags start at just £5, although that only nets you 125GB of 4G data. The 500MB Goodybag costs £7.50 a month, while 1GB costs £10 a month.

Tesco Mobile (From £10 a month)

A tenner a month at Tesco Mobile bags you 500MB of data, plus 250 minutes and 5000 texts, on a monthly SIM-only contract. If you want to double your data, that’ll cost you £12.50 a month.

Three (From £11 a month)

On the Three network you can get 500MB of 4G data and 200 UK minutes for £11 a month (as long as you pay be a recurring method such as Direct Debit). Want to upgrade to 1GB of data per month? That’ll be £14.

Three gives you free roaming in dozens of countries via its Feel At Home offer.

EE (From £12.99 a month)

EE is one of the pricier options out there, offering just 250MB of data per month for £12.99. Upgrading to 1GB of data costs £17.99. There are some 3-month deals available, where you get 50 percent off your first three bills, but the price then jumps right up.

Vodafone (From £11.50 a month)

Your £11.50 a month bags you 250GB of 4G data on Voda’s network, along with 300 minutes and 500 texts. Bump your tariff up to £16 a month and you get 1GB of data, double the minutes and unlimited texts.

Unfortunately, the Vodafone SIM-only 30-day deals don’t include a free subscription to the likes of Now TV, which is reserved for select 12-month tariffs.


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