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What are the best football apps for iPhone and Android phones?

What are the best football apps for iPhone and Android phones in 2017? We round up our favourite footy apps for keeping updated with the latest news and scores, watching live matches, finding local pubs that are showing the game and tracking your fantasty football team.

The beautiful game can become an ugly mess when you try to keep up with everything that’s going on, especially when you’re out and about. Thankfully all that can be changed by simply downloading the right apps for the task.

From iPhone apps to receive live team push notifications to Android apps which offer a full fantasy football experience, there are plenty out there to pick from. Some are free and some are worth paying for and we’ve gone through the best of each category, to lay them all out for you.

Here are the best iPhone and Android football apps for 2017.

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Best football app for notifications: Forza Football

If you want to be notified the second your team scores or alerted when a player gets a card, there’s an app for that called Forza Football.

While there are plenty of good app options out there when it comes to notifications, Forza Football is one of the fastest. It’s got a simple and clean interface and as such delivers everything you want quickly and cleanly. There’s still plenty of personalisation for your team as well, with pre-match line-up alerts, goal videos, scoring charts, transfer news and so on.

You also have a widget option for Android that lets you see the alerts on your homescreen, without even opening the app. And for Apple fans, there’s full Watch support too.

Forza Football is available on Android and iPhone.

Best football app for transfer news: Transfermarkt

Trust the Germans to come up with a super efficient way to view and analyse the movements of all players in the footballing world. Transfermarkt may have started off as the go-to website for player transfer news, but now it’s doing very well in app form too.

The Transfermarkt app offers international player information, including current market value, cards received, goals scored, own goals, substitutions and more.

Get Transfermarkt on iPhone and Android now.

Best football app to watch live game streams and videos: Sky Go / BT Sport

We’ve selected two apps for the category of video streaming, only because football games are spread across these two platforms; so if you want to watch them all, you’ll need both. In all honesty though, Sky has more games at the time of publishing, so it’s probably the more valuable of the two – depending on who you support.

That said, BT Sport may be the better app here, with an Enhanced Player option to let you rewatch important events like goals using a handy timeline at the bottom of the screen. This app also plays nice with Chromecast, so you can watch on the big screen too – great news if you’re at a mate’s house and they don’t have BT Sport.

BT Sport and Sky Go require subscriptions to use, but are available on multiple platforms. Sky Go for iPhone and Android, plus BT Sport for iPhone and Android.

Best football app for football manager gaming: Top Eleven 2017

Aside from the classic Football Manager game itself, another really impressive gaming app called Top Eleven 2017 can be downloaded to your phone right now, to keep you neck-deep in tables and stats.

Top Eleven is fronted by everyone’s favourite grumpster Jose Mourinho and features over 100 million players worldwide right now. This game lets you enjoy online action as well as live player auctions, to keep you well and truly on your toes. Trophies are always on the horizon, keeping you hideously addicted and glued to your iPhone or Android screen – so expect to lose a lot of time to this one.

Top Eleven 2017 is available on iPhone and Android. Check out our complete Top Eleven 2017 tips and tricks guide for how to get started.

Best football app for finding pubs to watch a game: Corner

We’ve all been there; turning up to a pub to watch the big game and finding that someone has requested the channel be changed to cricket instead. That nightmare can now be avoided thanks to Corner.

The Corner app is great for helping you find a nearby pub that’s showing the football on TV. Just pick a match you want to watch and the app will show you which pubs near to you are showing it on the telebox. You can even filter for things like pubs serving food, Wi-Fi availability and a beer garden.

Corner is available to download on Android and iPhone right now.

Best football app for fantasy football: Ultimate Fan Live

If you’re already signed up for a fantasy football league then you’ll want to download the specific app for that game. However, if you’ve yet to pick a league, try Ultimate Fan Live.

When you sign-up to Ultimate Fan Live you can create you own league and invite your friends to play. The app allows you all to enjoy a live experience as the matches play out. Yup, pick two players before the match and earn points in real time if they perform as hoped. There are even power-up cards to boost your points when needed.

Ultimate Fan Live (UFL) is available on iPhone and Android right now.

Best football mobile game: New Star Soccer

This game is so much fun it’s won a BAFTA award, for real.

New Star Soccer lets you play as a 16-year-old lower league footballer, making his way up in the world to the big leagues. Gameplay is not just about smashing in dozens of goals a season, however. You’ll also have to manage relationships with your coach, team-mates and even problematic girlfriends. You can spend money gambling, take bribes and more – but ideally avoid that if you want to succeed in the long run.

Enjoy slick visual animations and effects as well as fun replays. This game is so addictive it should come with a warning.

New Star Soccer is available to download on iPhone and Android right now.


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